Wedding Lux Personalised Engraved Wedding Decor

We provide bespoke wedding decor, to help you create the most beautiful and unique setting for your big day. With lot's of creativity behind the scenes, we use an array of bespoke materials to bring your desires to life, including custom acrylic, mirror acrylic and wood. Crafted with your special day in mind, these provide a delightfully decadent aesthetic that will make for a truly unforgettable experience.
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Explore our elegant Bridgerton themed wedding decor, inspired by timeless romance and tradition.

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Duos & Trios

Make a statement with our wedding installation signs in a solo, duo or trio setup.

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Feature a cherished photo and make a lasting impression on your special day.

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Welcome signs

Welcome to our Love Story: Celebrate with us as we begin our journey together. Explore our enchanting wedding decor, inspired by timeless romance and modern elegance

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Wedding Menus

Reflecting Love: Our wedding mirror menus Illuminate your celebration. discover our exquisite collection, where every dish is a work of art.

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Wedding place names

Discover our beautifully crafted wedding place names, each one a unique chapter in our love story. From elegant classics to modern collections.

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Table Plans

Explore our opulent wedding table plan. From lavish elegance to intimate details, every seating arrangement is crafted with exquisite care to elevate your celebrations.

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Table Numbers

Explore our exquisite table numbers collection. From classic to contemporary, Each number adds a touch of sophistication to your celebration.

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From our hearts to yours, somethign for your guests to hold onto this precious reminder as we count down to our special day together.

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